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Introducing Kurtis Dulle Your Trusted Calgary Consultant

The Trusted Directories team is excited to introduce Kurtis Dulle. Kurtis joined Trusted in 2019 and he is heading up the Trusted Calgary directory launch as our first Trusted Calgary Consultant.  

Meet Kurtis

Kurtis re-joins Trusted, as he was a Trusted Regina Directory consultant in 2012. He brings knowledge and experience of what is required to become a Trusted Directory Partner and understands what his responsibilities are to ensure the partnership is as successful as possible. Born and raised in Craik, a small town in Saskatchewan, he has strong family roots. Kurtis brings a strong independent work ethic that was formed early. He left home as a teenager to pursue a hockey career. His determination and skill along with his passion for teamwork meant he enjoyed a long successful career on the ice. His playing career took him across the world and he enjoyed time in Canada, USA, Sweden, Australia and the UK

Trusted Calgary Directory Consultant.

Kurtis and his family live in Calgary, his previous careers include working in the real estate, IT, construction, oil and gas industries. This experience introduced him to the many challenges that are still overwhelming businesses in Alberta and across the country. He understands running a business is hard work, and in the past, he has helped companies of all sizes with brand awareness, marketing, sales and business development. The perfect mix of introvert and extrovert he enjoys meeting new people and building relationships. He has a passion for sales and marketing and for helping others succeed. Bringing the ability to continuously look outside the box, he is determined to add value to our partners in Calgary. Kurtis brings high energy and a positive attitude to the role. When it comes to working hard to achieve a goal there isn’t much that will stand in the way of him reaching the finish line

Recently becoming a father for the first time reminded Kurtis of how important it is to balance your work-life efforts while maintaining strong relationships. He is a hands-on Dad and his young son Hunter keeps him on his toes. A keen amateur photographer, he enjoys spending as much of his free time in nature as possible. 

Kurtis's experience and understanding of the Trusted business model is a huge asset as Trusted expands into Alberta. This is why we chose him to be part of the team to launch in Calgary. We look forward to working with Kurtis, he is passionate about the Trusted directories concept and he is convinced that offers a huge opportunity for small locally owned businesses run with integrity in Calgary.


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