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Trusted Calgary IT Experts IT Real Simple Explain How To Protect Your Business From Ransomware

Jacky Tai and Brittany Dedrick at IT Real Simple, take pride in offering clients new technology while providing technical support whenever it is needed.  They truly are the experts when it comes to information technology services! The Mission is to provide customized technological support in a timely and professional manner, within your budget. Their team of shared expertise, means they are your number one Calgary IT department.  IT Real Simple is a Trusted Calgary IT Specialist and in their latest Trusted Calgary Tip they share helpful information on protecting your business from ransomware attack. 

How Can You Protect Your Business from a Ransomware Attack?


Let’s start with the how. 

There are many different ways Ransomware can affect your business. The most common way is having ports open to your network for Remote Desktop or website servers onsite. There are many secure ways to still accomplish having these things, however, many businesses do not have the extra security in place.Remote access is something that is becoming more and more needed in our world. We want to be able to work from anywhere, especially as a business owner. There are many secure applications out there to pay for like logmein and screen connect. You can also have a secure SSL VPN implemented to go along with your open ports for an added layer of protection.


Is Anti-Virus Enough Protection From Ransomware? 

Having one security measure in place like anti-virus is not enough anymore. We need layers of security starting with a firewall. Your firewall should have anti-virus protection, content filtering and intrusion detection and prevention.


Next you should have secure, encrypted, offsite backups running automatically. Proper password management such as password expirations and complex password requirements is also very important. Along with anti-virus, this is how you protect your business.


Speak with us any day about how to ensure your business is protected from Ransomware attacks.

If you enjoyed this article and found it helpful, check out more IT tech tips on IT Real Simple's Tech News Blog by clicking here  

IT Real Simple is a Trusted Calgary  IT Specialist 

Kim Nguyen Brings Award Winning Expertise As A Trusted Calgary Mortgage Broker

The Trusted Calgary team and community are pleased to welcome Kim Nguyen as our first Trusted Calgary Mortgage Specialist. Choosing a mortgage broker in Calgary takes patience, research and sometimes a lot of good luck which is why we are proud to have Kim on the Trusted Calgary team to allow new potential clients to validate and verify her while saving time and stress searching online for the perfect mortgage associate.

Introducing Kim Nguyen Mortgage Broker

Kim Nguyen joins the Trusted Calgary Community as a highly recommended Calgary mortgage specialist with award-winning recognitions in the following Mortgage Alliance categories:

  • Elite Club 2017 & 2018 (Top 10% of Mortgage Alliance Professionals)
  • #1 Team 2017 & 2018
  • Presidents Club  2018 (Top 3% of Mortgage Alliance Professionals)

Kim is very proficient in everything she does related to work and life and continues to grow, learn and adapt to the continuous changes and challenges that society and business throws her way. If you are looking for a mortgage specialist who is thorough and detailed in every step of the process then you have found the right professional to help you maximize your mortgage approval and finance goals. And the best part about Kim? She is passionate and enjoys what she does and has fun while doing great work! 

"Kim has been both personable and knowledgeable while working on my mortgage. Time is of the essence in real estate and Kim has always been available to answer any questions. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone!" -Carol L.

Are you looking to get pre-qualified? Kim can help with that and all mortgage services. She loves working with first time home buyers, newcomers to Calgary ( and Canada ) and she is extremely knowledgeable and savvy when it comes to finding the best rates and options for your specific needs.  With over 10 years in the banking industry, you can feel confident that Kim will have the knowledge and skills for your immediate and future home financing needs. She will work for you while making the mortgage process as convenient and transparent as possible.

Kim Nguyen is a team member of Mortgage Alliance and operates under the Vine Group company who provides mortgage services across Canada.

If you are a real estate agent or a current or potential new homeowner looking for some mortgage support and advice, make sure to give Kim Nguyen a call for all your future Calgary real estate/property inquiries and needs.

 "Together we will be able to find a mortgage that works for you and your family."  Kim

Kim Nguyen is a Trusted Calgary Mortgage Specialist 

A Realtors Perspective On "Get The Job Done" By Trusted Calgary Real Estate Agent Chas Zemluk

The decision to purchase your home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and will also be one of your largest investments. Done right, it can also be one of the most exciting and fulfilling times in your life! When you work with Chas Zemluk at CIR Realty, you are getting a dedicated real estate professional looking out for your best interest. Check out her latest real estate article where she shares her perspective on "Getting The Job Done" and what it actually takes to become a customer service specialist and a strategic professional in the Real Estate Industry. Chas Zemluk Real Estate - CIR Realty is a Trusted Calgary REALTOR® 

Being "Trusted" comes with major responsibilities as a business owner and Chas elaborates on a couple of really strong aspects of what it takes to become more than just your everyday real estate agent. 

To “Get The Job Done” means different things to different people in my opinion.

I have come across professionals who go through their day to day doing the minimum to get through their workday & get paid – their job is done. Then there are professionals who go over and beyond for the people around them and more often – their clients, to do more than what is expected – and for some, that simply equates to a smile, a bounce in their step, time & attention! But a “strategic professional” will get the job done in more ways than just providing great customer service!

In any profession, there are always ways to do better, be better and think outside the box, learning & growing in all ways- Always. Those who seek that out, are usually the ones who are greatly rewarded. Let’s be honest – anyone can go out and show homes – but being a customer service specialist AND strategic professional takes knowledge, experience, personality, passion and a desire to learn! Hire someone who embodies both and you’ve got yourself a slam dunk, grand slam, touchdown, goal!!!!

In Real Estate – every deal is extraordinary and it’s what REALTORS® who are passionate thrive off of! Personally, I absolutely love the negotiation process and strategies associated with marketing my clients' properties. I’m always looking for different angles, options & strategies to provide the most value for my clients – and every deal is different so I am always seeking new unique strategies. Communication, Diligence & Integrity are some pretty important key components to consider when deciding who to hire for any service! Don’t let your emotions get in the way of your gut feelings – especially with one of the biggest assets (and possible losses) of your life (but we will save that topic for another post). Ask questions, work together on expectations & truly feel it – in your gut – that your Calgary REALTOR® is working for YOU with remarkable customer service & strategies that prove just that!

Check out this and more of Chas's original real estate tips and articles on her blog. 

Reach out to Chas Zemluk today for all your Calgary real estate inquiries and read client reviews here: Chas Zemluk is a Trusted Calgary Real Estate Professional!

Introducing Kurtis Dulle Your Trusted Calgary Consultant

The Trusted Directories team is excited to introduce Kurtis Dulle. Kurtis joined Trusted in 2019 and he is heading up the Trusted Calgary directory launch as our first Trusted Calgary Consultant.  

Meet Kurtis

Kurtis re-joins Trusted, as he was a Trusted Regina Directory consultant in 2012. He brings knowledge and experience of what is required to become a Trusted Directory Partner and understands what his responsibilities are to ensure the partnership is as successful as possible. Born and raised in Craik, a small town in Saskatchewan, he has strong family roots. Kurtis brings a strong independent work ethic that was formed early. He left home as a teenager to pursue a hockey career. His determination and skill along with his passion for teamwork meant he enjoyed a long successful career on the ice. His playing career took him across the world and he enjoyed time in Canada, USA, Sweden, Australia and the UK

Trusted Calgary Directory Consultant.

Kurtis and his family live in Calgary, his previous careers include working in the real estate, IT, construction, oil and gas industries. This experience introduced him to the many challenges that are still overwhelming businesses in Alberta and across the country. He understands running a business is hard work, and in the past, he has helped companies of all sizes with brand awareness, marketing, sales and business development. The perfect mix of introvert and extrovert he enjoys meeting new people and building relationships. He has a passion for sales and marketing and for helping others succeed. Bringing the ability to continuously look outside the box, he is determined to add value to our partners in Calgary. Kurtis brings high energy and a positive attitude to the role. When it comes to working hard to achieve a goal there isn’t much that will stand in the way of him reaching the finish line

Recently becoming a father for the first time reminded Kurtis of how important it is to balance your work-life efforts while maintaining strong relationships. He is a hands-on Dad and his young son Hunter keeps him on his toes. A keen amateur photographer, he enjoys spending as much of his free time in nature as possible. 

Kurtis's experience and understanding of the Trusted business model is a huge asset as Trusted expands into Alberta. This is why we chose him to be part of the team to launch in Calgary. We look forward to working with Kurtis, he is passionate about the Trusted directories concept and he is convinced that offers a huge opportunity for small locally owned businesses run with integrity in Calgary.

The Trusted Calgary Directory

What are Trusted Online Directories? 

The Trusted Online Directories and have been established in Saskatchewan since 2011. The concept is pretty simple, our team seeks out locally owned, accountable businesses in the cities we serve. Then, after verifying that they are indeed the ' real deal',  with our unique Trusted Verification process, we sign them to an annual contract. By signing that contract, the companies agree to uphold the 5 Trusted Guarantees of Service. 

Trusted Directories Are The Smart & Simple Choice 

Once businesses qualify to become Trusted Directory partners, we promote them to the public via a cohesive and effective local marketing campaign both on and offline. Trusted is an awesome service for the public, our founder Sara Wheelwright is an immigrant and she had the idea after struggling to find great local businesses in Saskatoon. The public love the ease of choosing a locally owned business from a verified and restricted list of companies, without the risk of a bad or stressful experience. 

Trusted is a unique branding and sales tool for businesses. We offer quality focused local businesses a unique way to differentiate themselves from their competition, attract new customers, build loyalty with existing customers and increase visibility in their home city. We restrict the number of businesses in each category, which benefits the business AND the consumers who are overwhelmed with so many choices on Google! 

The Trusted team gets to know our partners, this means we can market them better than anyone else! Essentially, we are local marketing experts and our products are the businesses we partner with. We have helped businesses across Saskatchewan go from surviving to thriving and we offer absolute and undeniable measurability and results! 


We have worked out any kinks over the last 8 years and keep adding new and awesome features. Individual listing pages for each business listing, an area to embed a YouTube video in each partners page, review generation and more! We have fine-tuned our marketing strategy, picking up a display cabinet full of local and international marketing and entrepreneur awards on the way. Most recently our founder Sara Wheelwright was the recipient of a 2017 NEYA Award (Saskatchewan Newcomer Entrepreneur of the Year Award) in the growth category and the 2017 Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Community Involvement Award.   

We also launched in 2014, a full-service marketing agency that offers support, free marketing training sessions and additional advertising products and amazing discounts to the Trusted Partners. 

The Trusted Online Directories concept works! 

We know what we are doing when it comes to marketing and promoting locally owned and accountable quality businesses. The team feels 2019 is the right time to introduce the Trusted Directories as an advertising medium to locally owned and reputable businesses in cities outside the borders of Saskatchewan, starting with our cousins in Calgary!  We have 100's of success stories to share across the many industry sectors we cover, from retail to service providers. We know that essentially, given the choice, consumers want to deal with trustworthy, local businesses.

If you are a Calgary business interested in finding out more about Trusted Directories and what's involved to become a Trusted Calgary partner, get in touch with us today or nominate your Calgary and area business here.  


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