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Trusted Calgary IT Experts IT Real Simple Explain How To Protect Your Business From Ransomware

Jacky Tai and Brittany Dedrick at IT Real Simple, take pride in offering clients new technology while providing technical support whenever it is needed.  They truly are the experts when it comes to information technology services! The Mission is to provide customized technological support in a timely and professional manner, within your budget. Their team of shared expertise, means they are your number one Calgary IT department.  IT Real Simple is a Trusted Calgary IT Specialist and in their latest Trusted Calgary Tip they share helpful information on protecting your business from ransomware attack. 

How Can You Protect Your Business from a Ransomware Attack?


Let’s start with the how. 

There are many different ways Ransomware can affect your business. The most common way is having ports open to your network for Remote Desktop or website servers onsite. There are many secure ways to still accomplish having these things, however, many businesses do not have the extra security in place.Remote access is something that is becoming more and more needed in our world. We want to be able to work from anywhere, especially as a business owner. There are many secure applications out there to pay for like logmein and screen connect. You can also have a secure SSL VPN implemented to go along with your open ports for an added layer of protection.


Is Anti-Virus Enough Protection From Ransomware? 

Having one security measure in place like anti-virus is not enough anymore. We need layers of security starting with a firewall. Your firewall should have anti-virus protection, content filtering and intrusion detection and prevention.


Next you should have secure, encrypted, offsite backups running automatically. Proper password management such as password expirations and complex password requirements is also very important. Along with anti-virus, this is how you protect your business.


Speak with us any day about how to ensure your business is protected from Ransomware attacks.

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IT Real Simple is a Trusted Calgary  IT Specialist 

The Trusted Calgary Community Is Proud To Announce IT Real Simple Consulting & Support As Trusted Calgary IT Providers

The Trusted Calgary team has implemented a key technological partner to our growing Trusted community with the most recent addition of IT Real Simple Consulting & Support a Trusted Calgary IT Provider. 

IT Real Simple Consulting & Support

Jacky Tai and Brittany Dedrick built a Calgary IT business based around two concepts, "Real Solutions, Real Simple" because that's what people want. IT issues can be confusing and frustrating and most people want things fixed within seconds of a problem occurring. IT Real Simple are passionate about the continuous growth in technology and are always excited about the next big thing. Understanding that the world relies so much on technology is an understatement. This is where they saw an opportunity to help businesses grow and advance further. 

Information technology can be challenging if you're not a technical expert. But don't worry, your frustrations have been heard and your stress levels have been acknowledged as IT Real Simple is here to fix those bugs, cure those viruses and equip your business with the tools needed to run smoothly even during those crazy busy workdays!  

IT Real Simple provides a great support team that will bring your business to the next level.

"With the emergence of smart home technology, I had a lot of questions and difficulties in executing what I wanted. A lot of it I tried to learn off YouTube but alas it was too much. Jacky was very patient in listening to my ideas and offered solutions where he could help and suggestions to where he could not. Working with this company has been a breeze and would definitely recommend them to anyone struggling with the intricacies of technology!"  Henry Yu, Calgary
If you're looking for a Trusted Calgary IT provider in your area please give the IT Real Simple Team a call! 

IT Real Simple Consulting & Support are Trusted Calgary IT Service Providers 


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