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What are Trusted Online Directories? 

The Trusted Online Directories and have been established in Saskatchewan since 2011. The concept is pretty simple, our team seeks out locally owned, accountable businesses in the cities we serve. Then, after verifying that they are indeed the ' real deal',  with our unique Trusted Verification process, we sign them to an annual contract. By signing that contract, the companies agree to uphold the 5 Trusted Guarantees of Service. 

Trusted Directories Are The Smart & Simple Choice 

Once businesses qualify to become Trusted Directory partners, we promote them to the public via a cohesive and effective local marketing campaign both on and offline. Trusted is an awesome service for the public, our founder Sara Wheelwright is an immigrant and she had the idea after struggling to find great local businesses in Saskatoon. The public love the ease of choosing a locally owned business from a verified and restricted list of companies, without the risk of a bad or stressful experience. 

Trusted is a unique branding and sales tool for businesses. We offer quality focused local businesses a unique way to differentiate themselves from their competition, attract new customers, build loyalty with existing customers and increase visibility in their home city. We restrict the number of businesses in each category, which benefits the business AND the consumers who are overwhelmed with so many choices on Google! 

The Trusted team gets to know our partners, this means we can market them better than anyone else! Essentially, we are local marketing experts and our products are the businesses we partner with. We have helped businesses across Saskatchewan go from surviving to thriving and we offer absolute and undeniable measurability and results! 


We have worked out any kinks over the last 8 years and keep adding new and awesome features. Individual listing pages for each business listing, an area to embed a YouTube video in each partners page, review generation and more! We have fine-tuned our marketing strategy, picking up a display cabinet full of local and international marketing and entrepreneur awards on the way. Most recently our founder Sara Wheelwright was the recipient of a 2017 NEYA Award (Saskatchewan Newcomer Entrepreneur of the Year Award) in the growth category and the 2017 Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Community Involvement Award.   

We also launched in 2014, a full-service marketing agency that offers support, free marketing training sessions and additional advertising products and amazing discounts to the Trusted Partners. 

The Trusted Online Directories concept works! 

We know what we are doing when it comes to marketing and promoting locally owned and accountable quality businesses. The team feels 2019 is the right time to introduce the Trusted Directories as an advertising medium to locally owned and reputable businesses in cities outside the borders of Saskatchewan, starting with our cousins in Calgary!  We have 100's of success stories to share across the many industry sectors we cover, from retail to service providers. We know that essentially, given the choice, consumers want to deal with trustworthy, local businesses.

If you are a Calgary business interested in finding out more about Trusted Directories and what's involved to become a Trusted Calgary partner, get in touch with us today or nominate your Calgary and area business here.  


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